Happy spring!

The rain was pretty brutal yesterday so I was happy to wake up to snow instead.  About an inch in my neighborhood, but I wanted more...  I headed up to Washington Park.

There were tons of crows flying around and chatting with each other...

There were lots of other birds around but not many interested in getting their picture taken.  I saw a couple FOY Band-tailed Pigeons in the treetops around the park:

Also around were lots of juncos, chickadees, a Red-breasted Sapsucker, robins, Varied Thrushes, kinglets and sparrows... All of whom declined my offer of internet fame.  Ah well, the snow made for pretty pictures and happy mutts.

Washington Park is known for its International Rose Test Garden though all around the park are tons of other pretty flowers.  Even prettier with a bit of snow on top...

The sun peeked through the clouds off and on, though only for brief moments...

Good times!


  1. That's quite a buxom crow there.

    Looks like it was a chilly but scenic visit. It's fun to read about Varied Thrushes and Red-Breasted Sapsuckers as common sightings. They're such jaw-dropping rarities in AZ.

    Who's the polite seeming bronze man?

    1. I was trying to figure out the bronze man.. He's not a particular person, just some kind of general ambassador for the park.

  2. Love your new header photo, that is hilarious!!! The snow is beautiful, especially combined with the flowers! The dogs look so serious, posing next to the statue.

    1. Thanks! Yeah the dogs were not amused by the statue...

  3. snow...HOLY MOE!!I love that shot of your boys with that statue...SO FUNNY.
    Very nice collage of the flowers n snow...HOPE you get a sunny day next!!

  4. Hi Jn! The snow does look pretty. We have been having almost summer temps here in the Mid-Atlantic. And I will not complain. I love the shot of your dogs and the statue, they are posing so nicely for you. The mosaic looks wonderful with the flowers and snow. I hope you have a great weekend and happy birding.

  5. It's more wintery on the east coast now, too. I love the collage of snow-covered flowers-- beautiful!


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