Portland birds.

I got a new lens a few days ago, a 300mm as opposed to the 250mm I've been using for the last two years.  Last month when I was out on an early morning bike birding trip I dropped my 250 on the sidewalk.  My frozen fingers had thought they were holding onto it, but they were apparently not, which I learned when I heard it hit the pavement.  The lens wasn't terribly injured but I did notice a lag in focusing afterwards (and honestly I've been dying for any excuse to upgrade my lens).

Yesterday's snow-covered morning seemed like a great time to test it out so I headed to some of my favorite North Portland spots.

 Force Lake

At Heron Lakes Golf Course I found a bunch of American Wigeons with a pair of Eurasians trying to keep a low pro. 

Mew Gulls were the gull of choice on the golf course lawns... 

They are pretty much always my gull of choice.  The snow made the golf course a lot prettier than normal.  Too bad it melted so fast. 

Crows in the snow are rad, even when they aren't sledding on rooftops.  It almost never snows here so I don't get to see this much:

From Force Lake I walked the dogs down the road towards Vanport Wetlands to check on the Great Horned Owl nest.  As I had hoped there were two owlets!

 Not the best photos, but whatever, still adorable.  This afternoon I headed to Whitaker Ponds in northeast Portland where a Black Phoebe was reported yesterday.  There were a few birders already watching the bird when I arrived.  Definitely a great bird to see in PDX.  

He was flycatching over the pond along with lots of Yellow-rumped Warblers and Cedar Waxwings... 

There were plenty of other good birds around the ponds like this Golden-crowned Kinglet... 

So far my new lens has been doing alright- the only complaint I have is the lens cap that it came with doesn't stay on so I'm using the one from my 250mm.  Other than that it's working out great.  Good times!