Ridgefield NWR.

I went up to Ridgefield early yesterday morning while the weather was still dry.  Overall I didn't see a huge variety of birds, but the ones I did see were pretty good.  I had been hearing Virginia Rails for a couple weeks and yesterday I finally found one creeping around the marsh.

I stopped briefly by the Great Horned Owl nest where the owlets were hunkered down showing only some fuzz.  Mama was on a branch across the slough keeping an eye on things.

Just beyond the ash forest a Wilson's Snipe was perched on a log over the slough, calling loudly.

Is that a snipe tongue??   The last thing I have to share is some Cinnamon Teals.  I counted at least a dozen on this trip and soon they will just plain take over.  Alright by me.

Soon after I noticed this lady in the grass she walked down the bank and hopped into the slough to join her man friend.  They began some head-bobbing action, and then slowly took it to the next level...

Yep.  They started to make whoopee.

They both seemed pretty psyched afterwards...

Good times!!!!


  1. You proved it, spring is in the air!

  2. Woah now! Nice Rail shots, right out in the open and clear as day...what a beautiful bird. Those Cinnamon Teal have no shame. Ig uess when one looks that good though it's hard to have any inhibitions.

  3. Nice catch on the cinnamon teals. You really caught the pretty color in that male.

  4. OH whoa, get a room eh? lol they did both seem happy in the end..
    WELL I think seeing a rail, a snipe and the mating was quite a great birding day!

  5. Ha, great post! The Rail is gorgeous. The Snipe seems to be a bit more outgoing than the ones around here! I'll be looking forward to some duckling photos...

  6. Ha, you caught the ducks in the act. Great sightings of the Rail, owl and the snipe. Wonderful photos and what a great birding outing.

  7. I'll take quality over quantity any day :) I love the symmetry in your second shot, and the cinnamon teals are beautiful. I don't believe they venture into our area, but, you never know, things seem to be changing for many birds, This year we had unusually large numbers of Snowy Owls....not that I was able to spot one :(

  8. Great post, my mind was blown by the rail and snipe shots! Though that rail looks pretty pudgy and challenges the whole "thin as a rail" saying! Nice teal love story too, what a cool "sequence" to document! Can't wait to maybe see owl babies...

  9. Gorgeous shots of the rail and snipe, I've yet to spot a rail in my area. I loved the Teal Love Drama too - thanks for sharing!


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