Force Lake.

The lamest aspect of being busy is the lack of time for birding!  I did squeeze in a humid walk with the dogs near Force Lake yesterday afternoon and found a few nice birds, like the recently returned Green Heron!

Definitely one of my favorite birds.  We walked down the road to the slough where there are lots of swallow boxes, including the one with the adorable swallow youngins I showed you a few weeks ago.

In the slough were lots of Mallards mucking around the scummy muck on the surface and a Great Egret that took off immediately.  Also, this tiny airplane:

Hehe.  Just a reflection.  Back at the lake a blue heron had displaced the green one...

And lastly, the lake has been overrun with Mallards this spring including lots of weird domestic/hybrid types.  Looks like that cycle won't end anytime soon...

Good times!!


  1. Ugh. I must admit, those manky domestic Mallards give me Nazi-esque thoughts from time to time (purity of the race!). NOt that I would ever actuate a Mallard holocaust or anything...maybe I shouldn't have said this all online. Luckily, baby Mallards look much the same and are just about as cute whatever the parents look like and whatever they'll become.

    Anyway, nice Herons! I think the tiny water plane is my favorite though.

  2. OH that plane pic had me scratching my head for a minute...THEN I saw the word reflection popping out of the caption..very good.
    LOVE the little swallow buddy he is a sweetheart for sure!! Awesome herons in this post!! GIRL It was so hot here today I had to fill the bird bath 4 times!! EVEN big huge crows were trying to get in it.

  3. Hi Jen, Love the green heron, my favorite of the heron species. The mallard family is cute, I have seen some domestic hybrid mallards. They are a little strange looking. Love the tiny plane, neat reflection capture. Happy Birding!


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