Ridgefield NWR & Wapato Greenway

I feel like I've been pretty busy lately between working, house-hunting, dog-hunting and keeping up with my mom on DrawSomething!   I always try to fit in some birding and hit up Ridgefield on Monday evening and the Wapato trail yesterday morning.  First though, my friend adopted the dog we went to meet on Monday morning!

The humane society had named him Kevin Spacey and my friend is sticking with just Kevin.  Super cute, and Jake and Ralph approved. 

Ok, back to birds... Ridgefield was not exactly hopping on Monday, but of course there was still some good stuff, including nearly 20 Great Egrets throughout the area.

On the Kiwa Trail I saw no straggly/menacing coyotes (I was warned of one when I arrived) but did see a muskrat swimming...

Also on the trail I decided to make a complete 360 view of the sky because it looked pretty using my camera's Auto Stitch app.

On one of the lakes way out in the distance were four pelicans which I have only seen at Ridgefield a handful of times...

Too far away for a good shot, just like this young eagle (so grown up!):

Yesterday morning I walked the dogs around the Wapato Access Greenway Trail on Sauvie Island.  My target bird was the Red-eyed Vireo(s) that have been seen.  My first interesting sighting was of a man on the lake-viewing platform wearing sweatpants and missing some important teeth.  He had binoculars and told me he saw his first Red-winged Blackbird there last week.  It was awkward.

Just past the viewing platform turn-off I heard a bird I couldn't place, then saw it fly over the trail and land in a tree.  I took a few quick shots before it flew deeper into the trees.  It was a vireo, but what kind?  It flew back to the spot where I could see it and sang.  Ummmm.... not helpful, despite listening to the Red-eyed Vireo (and other vireo) songs about twenty times on the way there.

The bird disappeared soon after that but I was really hoping I would get home and be able to make out a red eye...

Well, no, but I did notice the bill was bigger than a Warbling Vireo's which was what I was afraid it might be instead.  Still unsure I sent a photo over to Seagull Steve and begged for help.  He confirmed that it was a Red-eyed so oh hell yeah, lifer!!!

On the list of birds that are not my friends, Steller's Jays are quite close to the top...

The Brown-headed Cowbirds were out and about making a ruckus... I liked this action shot:

Butterflies are always nice to see when they are sitting still...

Western tiger swallowtail...yes?

At times it was hard to hear the birds over all the bullfrogs...

What's that?  You want to see a mystery flycatcher?  Well sheeeet I got you!

Ok, maybe it's not so mysterious... It was just silent.  I don't see much of an eye-ring so probably just a Willow? 

That's about it from my week.  I'll leave you with one last shot of Ralph, Kevin, and Jake... Good times!!


  1. Kevin looks really cute and kind of mischievious. Good that he has instant friends. Nice bird sightings!

  2. Is that a Jack-Russel Terrier. He'll be bouncing all over the place.

    Nice shots Jen. I especially liked the Pelican patrol on their receding pond. Someone should really break the news to them. Good luck with all your business. Looks like Red-eyed Vireo and Willow Flycatcher to me.

    1. Yep, Kevin def has some JRT in him... My friend has no idea what he's in for!

  3. Hi Jen, great bird sightings. Always cool to see the juvie eagle. The sky shot is beautiful, well done! I am glad Kevin is making friends with your dogs and has found a good home. Oh and congrats on your lifer! Have a great weekend and Happy Birding!

  4. Those Red EYEDs are they the ones that say "Here I am Where are YOU?" I get all mixed up...GLAD you found it, and got a shot of it to boot! Kev looks like a FUN dog to have around!! ANOTHER ONE Saved YAHOO!!!

  5. Handjobs, my friend, handjobs.

    Sandra is right. Easy way to remember WAVI song is its fast and unbroken, similar to a Purple Finch. REVI has a bunch of pauses in the song (as do CAVI). Ive had the Lifer Jitters before though, I know what its like.

    The flycatcher is dripping pewee jizz, but yeah it could be a Willow.

    1. Thanks for keeping my blog PG-13! Good tips on the songs though, much appreciated.

  6. Sweet 360 shot, well done! Your friends new pup is adorable~love his smile in the first pix!


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