Steigerwald Lake NWR.

I went out to Steigerwald this morning to take the dogs for a walk along the dike trail in the gorgeous weather.  One of my favorite sightings was just before we made it to the parking area at Captain William Clark Park:

So cute!!

Along the trail were lots of birds, though no kingbirds as I had hoped.

 Willow Flycatcher

House Wren

I am currently house-hunting and I was bummed to see this Purple Martin had claimed some prime real estate with a sweet view of Mount Hood...

Purple Martins are actually one of the best things about Steigerwald Lake- they are abundant to say the least...

I watched an Osprey fly by with a fresh fish catch..

As we returned to the parking area a couple of cormorants flew overhead and looked kind of cool with all the cotton floating around...

And that was about it... Lots of bunnies around to make the dogs nutty, but still a fun walk.

Upon arriving home to my neighborhood I saw a bird in the road one block north of my house.  I actually stopped in the middle of the road and stared at it as my brain processed the intruder.  It was my first ever (in the three years I've lived here) Eurasian Collared-Dove.  I said "oh god" to myself and quickly made it home and inside only to peek through the blinds to see if they were invading my own yard.  Not yet.  I have seen enough posts on OBOL to know that it was only a matter of time before they invaded my hood, but it took me by surprise nonetheless.  I've never even seen a Mourning Dove in these blocks.  I'm hoping it was a one-day wonder.

Good times!


  1. 1. spotted fawns!!! I just posted a shot of a v. pregnant doe, expect her to drop any day. So exciting! =)
    2. Love osprey, great shots.
    3. That pic of the cormorant is TOO cool. Stars in the day time. =)

    1. Thanks! I just saw your preggers doe on facebook- can't wait for kids!

  2. You're in the market this summer too eh?

    Good y'all are still holding back the Dove invasion. the Eurasians moved into Phoenix the last 2-3 years and now we have them and Mourning Doves and White-winged Doves in the summer...eck.

    Sweet that you've got Purple Martins, and that Cormorant shot is way cool. The cotton in the sky almost look like stars...kinda reminds me of those old UFO photos for some reason (not to say it's unbelievable).


  3. Great series, Jen! I love the cute spotted fawns. They are adorable. I have a few Mourning Doves in case you need any. The Ppurple Martin and Cormorant shots are cool. Good luck on your house hunting. Have a great weekend and happy birding.

  4. AWWWW love the twins so very awesome!! A dove invasion? Well its better than a martian invasion, speaking of that the starry night cormorant shot is really a beauty. ... house hunt..thats exciting!


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