Tillamook State Forest, etc.

Today I went on a little adventure into the woods near the Timber area of the Tillamook State Forest  in the Coast Range.  My target bird was the Sooty Grouse, of which I saw zero birds, but heard at least three drumming.  I'll take it!  I saw some other interesting things too...

MacGillivray's Warbler

 Evening Grosbeak (my first not at a bird feeder!)

Hairy Woodpecker pop & juvenile, celebrating Father's Day obviously

Hairy Woodpecker juvenile

 Gray Jay

I followed a random logging road off Round Top Road and found a sweet viewpoint where I scared up about eight Turkey Vultures.  When I got out of the car I realized it smelled like death, so the dogs and I wandered around looking for the source.  Oh you know, just a dead cow someone had tossed over the edge...

But the view was awesome...

That was about it from today's adventure.  Yesterday I took the dogs for a quick walk in the late afternoon when it was way too hot for their taste.  Near Force Lake a Tree Swallow fed a youngster in a nest box...

Such an awesome face.  Good times!!


  1. I love that last picture...that's the closest thing to bird lips I have ever seen!

  2. Now why would someone drive all the way up there to dispose of a dead cow? Weird. I agree with Steve...love the swallow lips.

  3. I think that swallow nestling should be your new blog banner.

  4. Gawd that smug satisfied expression on the swallow is priceless. You're hitting it off with the Swallows lately!

    Nice work with the Woodpeckers too, but that Swallow takes the cake. It seems perfect for generating a bunch of internet memes.

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  6. Hi Jen, love your birds from this outing. The Warbler is beautiful. The woodies are always a favorite of mine. And the swallow is just adorable. Sorry you missed seeing the Grouse. It does seem an odd place for a dead cow. I guess the vultures will not worry about their next meal for awhile. Great post, Happy Birding.

  7. awesome action on that swallow shot!! When I saw the first photo I said outloud WTH Is THAT? Never would have guessed SUPER, a first for me. Awww about the poor cow...but I did the same with 2 dead rat snakes that entangled and killed themselves in the deer netting I had protecting my tomatoe plants, I figured some other critter would benefit at least.


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