I had to take the dogs out this afternoon so I figured we'd hit up Kelley Point Park and Force Lake to search for some young birds... We had some success despite the rumbling thunder, brilliant lightning, and the occasional downpour. 

I found a tree that sounded like it was full of fluffy chickadee children but they were very difficult to actually locate.  Here's the one photo I got:

I found another tree hopping with Bewick's Wren kids and had the same trouble.  Still adorable though...

At Force Lake there were many Red-winged Blackbirds stuck in the awkward phase between adorable baby bird and adult...

Ok, so that face is kind of awesome.  One last youngin for you, what I am pretty sure is a starling...

Alright, hopefully this weekend I will be able to get out and find some more.  For now, the storm has passed and it's time for happy hour.... Good times!!


  1. I could swear I hear Chickadee babies last night when I was walking Maggie. And there are plenty of starling babies around :(

  2. Jen, great captures of the youngins. The wrens are my favorite but the chickadee is adorable. Happy Birding and have a great weekend!


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