Leach Botanical Gardens/The Grotto

As you might recall, last week I had some friends visiting during the brutal Portland heat wave.  To stay cool we took some morning outings to shady higher elevation spots including Leach Botanical Gardens in SE Portland and The Grotto in NE.  The gardens were pretty, though not many flowers blooming...

There were some birds around, mostly chickadees and hummingbirds zipping around, but also some noisy Red-breasted Nuthatches...

Levi's favorite thing in the gardens was this big dinosaur:

Or maybe it was the stick he found later on.  Who knows.  Another morning we headed to the Grotto.  Let me say that I am not a religious person, but this Catholic sanctuary is so bizarre that I have dragged many a friend up the elevator to the gardens there.  Plus there's a sweet view. 

There were birds there too... Steller's Jays were the most conspicuous...

There's a small pond with a mini-waterfall in the gardens that managed to attract a Spotted Sandpiper- a remarkably spotted one at that.

It was awesome having my friends here for so long.  Now if only I could convince them to move here...

Anyway..  It's my birthday so I must go celebrate... And by celebrate I mean get out of my pajamas and go to work.  It's cool, I celebrated yesterday, and perhaps I will celebrate more after work.  Good times!


  1. Good idea to find the cooler venues to accommodate your friends. Beautiful images as always, Jen. It might be tough to convince anyone to move to some of the most oppressively taxed states like Oregon.

  2. HAPPY Birthday, Jen! Is it weird for Oregon to have this hot streak of weather? I love the birds in this post. The Grotto looks pretty and the view is beautiful. I hope you had a great day.

  3. WELL hope you had a Happy one! My family in Colorado has been complaining like crazy about the hot weather...SO I guess its hitting all the west?
    Thats some shrine...lovely..and Cool birds I like the Dino too!


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