Oaks Bottom.

I had been wanting to get over to Oaks Bottom to check out the shorebird scene, and when I got a hot tip on an owl, well I wanted to get over there even more.  Yesterday morning I arrived bright and early.

 There were lots of birds on the mud...far away...  A few yellowlegs were closest to me...

Are these all Lessers?  I realize these are not the best photos for ID.  Along the trail I found some Bushtits in the middle of a bath party...

This next bird was hopping around a tree and at the time I thought it was a young Bewick's Wren.  But it was hopping around near a Brown Creeper so maybe that's what it is? 

There was lots of other cool stuff on the trail...

I have no clue what was going on with those slugs, but I like to think they came together to make a gelatinous slug baby.  And is that a baby snake?  It was dead and adorable at the same time.  The park itself is right next to Oaks Amusement Park, hence the ferris wheel. 

So no owl yesterday morning.  I informed my sources of my owl fail and the sources came back with more information...  I could not resist trying again this morning.

Yep, I got STELLAR views of this Western Screech-Owl...

Ha.  Well it was better than no view at all!  Good times!


  1. Cool sighting of the Screech-owl and the bath party of Bushtits is cute. Great post and photos.

  2. Yeah, any time you can pick out a Screech Owl it's gotta be a good day.

  3. Ill say it was stellar that you found it...ITS hard to find an owl in the light of day, there is an Eastern that overwinters in an old tree on the property, I enjoy going out at dusk to hear her/him cooing...its a highlight!

  4. Looks like you had a good time. I always feel a bit let down by Oaks Bottom. I expect more than I get. The owl was cool- tips from Rhett?

  5. I think you are right about the Bewick's Wren. It has the white eyebrow. Looks a little rumpled. I love the tiny dead snake and the Bushtit party. I haven't seen a Screech Owl in a long time, but we had a (young?) one making some crazy noises across the street last night. Nice post!

  6. Enjoyed your post, Jen. Cool pics of the owl :-), but the bushtits take the price.

  7. Slugs, coiled in procreation. I've been told before that what you see in the middle is actually their reproductive organs extended out from their bodies and connecting.

    1. Wow, thanks for the info.. It's disgusting AND fascinating!

  8. Awesome birds! Super jealous of your W. screech. That building with the birds painted on it is wicked cool.


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