This week in birds.

I've taken the dogs on lots of long walks around town this week, always hoping for birds but not always finding many.  Here are the ones worthy of sharing...

Great Blue Heron startled by a 21 gun salute at Portland International Raceway

 Belted Kingfisher, Columbia Slough Trail
Warbling Vireo, Wapato Access Loop Trail, Sauvie Island

Black-throated Gray Warbler, Wapato Access Loop Trail, Sauvie Island

 Spotted Towhee, Wapato Access Loop Trail, Sauvie Island

Double-crested Cormorants, planning an attack (or migrating), Broughton Beach

 Osprey, Broughton Beach

 Green Heron, Force Lake

That's about it for me.  Decided not to buy the previously mentioned house this week- too much crap wrong with it that the sellers weren't willing to fix.  Boo.  The next one I find will be awesome, fingers crossed.  Oh and the moon has been pretty rad the last couple mornings...

Good times!


  1. Sorry to hear about the house Jen--but nice birds nonetheless.

  2. Get what you want so you wont have to spend your weekends FIXING up Im always having to do...this place is held together with duct tape and bailing twine I swear! IF not for repurposing, I wouldnt have a dang thing! lol
    Sweet Birds in your post!!Im really loving that osprey diving shot!!

  3. You have been all over the place lately! The BTG Warbler is a good one! That Towhee looks a bit rough. Lots of nice sightings.

  4. I like that moon photo.The ranch looks like it was sketched on it. Kingfishers are so loud and obvious when they're in the area yet I always seem to just miss getting photos of them.

  5. Maybe the Cormorants have their own version of Operation Migration going on! Great moon shot!!

  6. Great birds, Jen! Love the warbler and the kingfisher. The kingfishers are very skittish around me. And I always love the Green heron. Sorry, about the house. But it is a great idea to have the house inspection. Good luck and have a great Labor Day weekend.


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