Timothy Lake.

I went camping with some friends at Timothy Lake this weekend.  It was far from a birding trip but it's kind of hard to ignore the birds (especially when the crows and ravens get in a battle at sunrise right above your tent).  Want to know more about the lake?   Here you go:

Anyway.  It's a pretty lake, the view made more interesting by smoke from the forest fire at Olallie Lake...

In the morning I woke up early due to the birds, but also a squirrel chirping and dropping tree bark onto my tent.  I took a long walk down some random roads, down a random trail, to nowhere in particular.  Birds weren't always easy to see but I heard lots of chickadees, ravens, crows, nuthatches, etc.  Swifts fluttered overhead, an Osprey dove into the lake.  It was pleasant to say the least.

I found some cool fungus in the woods...

Found a nice creepy evil clown-faced spider too.

On my way back to the campsite this cowbird caught a grasshopper thingy right in front of me...

That afternoon a few of us visited Little Crater Lake, a 34 degree bright blue tiny lake about 6 miles from Timothy. 

It's pretty scenic there.  There was a bird flying from tree to tree next to the lake that I am having trouble with- is it a young Yellow-rumped Warbler?

That was about it for birds.  Except for the grouse that ran across the road in front of me on Friday afternoon.  I pulled up right next to her and we had a brief chat (about my camera being locked safely in the trunk) before she walked away.  Still a sweet sighting.  Good times!


  1. Nice lookin' place. It looks good For Yellow-rumped, at least going off the underside of the tail and the touch of yellow on its butt.

    How did Tiny Crater Lake come to be? Regular Crater Lake is pretty spectacular, and the area is covered with Clark's Nutcrackers, as I recall.

    1. Excellent question. Something to do with an artesian spring. Yes, lots of nutcrackers at the real Crater Lake..

  2. Nice series. I especially love the forest photo. Little Crater Lake looks SO blue!

  3. Jen, Timothy Lake is a beautiful place for camping. During our trip, we stopped there and Little Crater Lake. I really love the campfire shot. Great captures, have a wonderful week ahead.

  4. Looks like a beautiful camping area! I love camping but I don't always see many birds when I camping. It looks like you made out pretty well. I don't know if I'd want to be around "evil" spiders though-ha!

  5. Love the sun shining through the tall trees and the amazing blue lake! Great photos!

  6. FUN camp trip!! Got some super photos to boot!! ITS hard to sleep when birds are out there taunting you!!!!

  7. If I was that spider, I'd be pretty bummed to have my ass look like an ICP shirt.


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