Timothy Lake.

I went camping with some friends at Timothy Lake this weekend.  It was far from a birding trip but it's kind of hard to ignore the birds (especially when the crows and ravens get in a battle at sunrise right above your tent).  Want to know more about the lake?   Here you go:

Anyway.  It's a pretty lake, the view made more interesting by smoke from the forest fire at Olallie Lake...

In the morning I woke up early due to the birds, but also a squirrel chirping and dropping tree bark onto my tent.  I took a long walk down some random roads, down a random trail, to nowhere in particular.  Birds weren't always easy to see but I heard lots of chickadees, ravens, crows, nuthatches, etc.  Swifts fluttered overhead, an Osprey dove into the lake.  It was pleasant to say the least.

I found some cool fungus in the woods...

Found a nice creepy evil clown-faced spider too.

On my way back to the campsite this cowbird caught a grasshopper thingy right in front of me...

That afternoon a few of us visited Little Crater Lake, a 34 degree bright blue tiny lake about 6 miles from Timothy. 

It's pretty scenic there.  There was a bird flying from tree to tree next to the lake that I am having trouble with- is it a young Yellow-rumped Warbler?

That was about it for birds.  Except for the grouse that ran across the road in front of me on Friday afternoon.  I pulled up right next to her and we had a brief chat (about my camera being locked safely in the trunk) before she walked away.  Still a sweet sighting.  Good times!