Grebe vs. Frog.

This week at Ridgefield I watched a Pied-billed Grebe suck down a whole frog.  I had only seen them eat little fish before so this was pretty cool.  It was cloudy/hazy/early so photos aren't the best, but still interesting (to me, hopefully to you too).



  1. Oh wow, neat captures! I did not know they ate frogs. Poor frog!

  2. A monumental shift in the epic struggle between Grebes and Frogs.
    Pulitzer prize to you Jen.

  3. You always manage to find something gory going on there.

  4. Gulp! Frog legs...there whats for dinner! Cool shots!

  5. Nice series of shots - love those little Grebes!

  6. Nice blog and amazing capture! That looks like decent-sized frog putting up some fight here! But in the end the bird was able to win the battle and gulp that whole thing down okay really?? It seems like it would have trouble fitting down that long/skinny neck. Also, if actually eaten, does the unlucky prey get swallowed kicking all the way as well?!



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