It's funny, last fall I was super stoked to finally see a Red-shouldered Hawk.  It became number 287 on my life list, nestled between Ross's Goose and Thayer's Gull. 

But today as I go through old photos trying to enter more sightings into eBird I have discovered something interesting:  I saw a Red-shouldered Hawk in December 2009 at Jackson Bottom Wetlands (before I even knew what "life list" meant).

So now according to eBird, on my life list Red-shouldered Hawk is tucked between House Finch and American Robin.  Ha!


  1. Love it! Sometimes I wonder how many "lifers" I've seen without knowing :o)

  2. WOW how cool!! Thats why I try for any shot to at least try n figure out what I saw..ya know!

  3. Ah 2009...It was a simpler time, it was a more peaceful time...

    The introduction of Life Lists changes everything.

    Hey, if you cross a Red-shouldered with a Red-tailed Hawk, do you get a really Sunburned Hawk, or just a bad joke?

  4. Very cool. It's amazing how fast we learn, and how things look in retrospect.

  5. Jen, congrats on your Red-Shouldered hawk lifer, even if it was your second sighting. I often wish I would have started paying attention to birds much earlier. I am up to 380 now. Happy Birding and have a great week!


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