Sauvie Island.

I went out to Sauvie Island yesterday morning bright and early.  The sun was rising in a lovely shade of red due to forest fires in central Oregon...

St. Johns Bridge

 A long walk around the Wapato loop didn't provide many great birds, but the return of loads of wigeons, pintails, and teals was nice.

I headed to Oak Island next and found yet another accipiter perched on a telephone pole.  This one was much easier to identify than the Larch Mountain demons.

Cooper's Hawk

The only warblers I saw yesterday were yellowthroats...

Sandhill Cranes were streaming by almost constantly...

I was happy to see my first Fox Sparrow of the season.  Interestingly, it appears to be Slate-colored? [Nope, it's of the regular sooty variety...]

And that was about it for the morning.  Good times!


  1. Cute capture of the yellowthroat, Jen! And I really love the cranes in flight, they would make my day. Great post, happy birding!

  2. Nice work! I'm still waiting for a Fox Sparrow to turn up in my area. Nice find!

  3. Great capture of the Cooper's Hawk! I look forward to seeing the ducks return here soon! The Yellowthroat looks pretty nestled among those red's like he was posing:)

  4. DARN, and cranes flew right over your head...GRRRR im so jealous!
    Excellent Fox Sparrow soon they will be here for the winter I hope..Love the yellow throat in the berry bush!!

  5. Nice bridge/sunrise! I was sad to not see any cranes at Ridgefield on Sunday :(

  6. Sure looks like a Slate-colored to me. A very good and reportable bird!

    1. I got a very nice email from Greg Gillson informing me it was indeed a sooty Fox Sparrow... Oh well!


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