Broughton Beach.

Yesterday morning at Broughton Beach was great- the weather was just unwelcoming enough that I was the only person there for the first hour and a half. 

Geese, crow, heron

 I found two Western Meadowlarks right at the beginning of the trail...

 Another ten feet or so down the path were three Horned Larks.  One was fully decked in leg bands:

 Orange and purple on the right leg, red and white on the left.  This bird has more accessories than me!

On our way back from the Sea Scout Base I saw some shorebirds had joined the gull flock on the beach.  I walked the dogs out there to see what was going on:  a mess of Ring-billeds, Californias, Mews (the first I've seen this fall), a handful of Bonaparte's (!) and a few Dunlin (I think).

 Dunlin, yes?  More interesting is the rare Great Unhorned Owl Gull next to them

Anyway, it was a fun and beautiful walk...

Good times!!


  1. Hi Jen, the Horned Larks and Meadowlarks would have made my day. Great outing and birds.

  2. Sweet walk around and good birds to show for it too! Love the Meadow and Horned shot with the 3 species in it too!!

  3. The Meadowlark photos are great! And I love those Horned Larks. You gull people (Rakestraw!) are too nerdy for me though. I just can't get into them :)

  4. I didn't notice Great Unhorned Owl Gull on your updated life list. Is this a new bird for you? While they're not necessarily common in fall, Broughton Beach is a good place for them to show up. They sure are mean-looking, arent' they?

    Without thinking too hard about it, I sure like Dunlin for your shorebirds. Somehow, I want them to look bigger though next to those gulls. Oh well...

    Good birding!

  5. It that Great Unhorned Owl a Great Horned Owl x California Gull Hybrid?

    Pretty sweet documentation then Jen

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  7. You will find out where to report the banded horned larks.


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