Happy Halloween!

I finally got my house yesterday!  My first yard bird was officially a Western Scrub-Jay eating some berries, closely followed by a flock of Cackling Geese overhead.  Later on my friend and I were having a beer on my tiny deck and I heard a Killdeer calling.   Not bad. 

My birding adventures will probably slow down quite a bit as I try to move, paint, garden, rip up the ugliest wallpaper ever, etc.  Anyway, hope you have a great Halloween!  Check out my rad pumpkin carving skills I didn't even know I had...


  1. I'm so excited for you. Even if you don't get out birding as much (but I bet you do-Ralph and Jake will need their walks, right?), you can give us yard bird reports!

  2. That is a pretty sick owl-o-lantern.

    Props on the house. Make sure to think of a great name for your house when you make it into an eBird hotspot.

  3. Yeah what Steven said about the hotspot name.

    As far as first yard birds go, it seems like you could do a lot worse than Scrub Jay. I'm glad it wasn't anything cliche, like House Finch or House Sparrow, though House Wren would've been appropriate.

    Would Scrub Jays eat pumpkin seeds?

  4. Congrats on buying a hole to throw all of your money into. I love mine! May you have many wonderful yard birds.

  5. Love the owl pumpkin, Happy Halloween! Congrats on your new house, Jen!

  6. AWESOME...I know what you mean about Ugly Wallpaper! Yuk...you will make it your own in no time. I bet once all the feeders go up you'll get all sorts of cool birds!!
    Thats a super carving job!! You could roast marshmellows in that one!

  7. Happy day after Halloween! Great job on the pumpkin; we haven't even carved ours yet! Congrats on your new house; happy to hear you already have yard guests!

  8. I was wondering why Ms. Prolific Poster had been uncharacteristically quiet. A little thing like MOVING IN. =)

    FanTAStic pumpkin. Great! And congrats on your new home list o' birds. Looking forward to when you are back in post mode (but kinda want to see that awful wallpaper). =)


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