October fog.

I am just about two weeks away from moving into my new house- super exciting, but kind of nerve-wracking at the same time.  I've been doing lots of birding and dog-walking to keep my mind off things (and avoid packing).  Early mornings have been super foggy lately which don't always make for the best bird photos, but here are a few from the week...

 Sandhill Cranes in front of the sun, Frenchman's Bar Trail

American White Pelicans, Frenchman's Bar Trail

House Finch, Force Lake

First Horned Grebes of the season, Frenchman's Bar

Awkward Peregrine, Ridgefield NWR

And that's all I've got.  At least it's not raining!!

Not relevant to this post at all is a petition that I would love for you to sign... It's about the annexation of a part of Portland that the Audubon Society has been trying to fight for years.  Sign the petition here, or read more about the issue here.  Seriously, check it out, especially if you're a fellow Portlander.  Thanks!!


  1. Congrats on your new house, very exciting! Love the shots of the cranes and the pelican flyby. The peregrine looks like it could end up with a sore neck. I will check out your petition link. great post, happy birding!

  2. Yippie on the house! The packing part has to be overwhelming....I find it easier to dontate than pack..
    I really like the finch with that seed head..very cool and the pelicans a great shot!!

    1. Yeah, I have a few bags already going to goodwill, plus a bag of crap I let my coworkers rummage through...

  3. Hey! Way to get a house.

    I will now eagerly await for this to become a home decor and cooking blog, as well as a bird blog.

    What kinda face were you making at the Peregrine to get it so responsive? I must learn your secrets...

    1. Haha, yeah I will probably throw in some house stuff, but hopefully mostly yard birds... The folks at the Paton's will be asking ME for tips on bird-feeding, let me tell ya.


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