Rentenaar Road.

I took the dogs to Sauvie Island yesterday afternoon to walk along Rentenaar Road.  The weather was not what I anticipated, starting with mildly irritating mist and ending with straight up pouring rain.  It was still a good walk and the dogs still got tired, and that's what really matters.  Oh, and they were stylin too:

I took what I could get bird-wise, not many sparrows yet and only a few raptors.  The blackbird swarms were awesome though...

After they landed in some trees a Peregrine swooped in and stirred things up again...

The Peregrine didn't get to keep his seat long.  A harrier that had been cruising the fields nearby decided she did not approve of the falcon- she dive bombed him once and he took off.

That was probably the most interesting thing to happen there.  The rain picked up as we walked back up the road.  I was expecting to see fewer sparrows as a result, but instead they all decided to come out and have a bath party in the puddles.  Mostly Golden-crowneds, a White-crowned, a few Songs.  No White-throateds yet.  I will respect their privacy and not show you the bath party.  Instead, I will show you this dead snake:

Good times!


  1. Your boys are so cute. All ready for halloween!

  2. I love your dogs with the Halloween bandanas. Very cute! The blackbird swarms are cool. Neat captures of the Falcon with the Hawk. Happy Birding!

  3. Love the dog pic. Now I want a Halloween bandana for mine. That might be the highest I've ever seen a harrier!

  4. LOVE the Halloween bandannas on the pooches, they look super!! What good boys they sat so still for their photo.
    WOW huges flocks of black birds for sure!
    AND why do people have to run down a poor old snake? At least it will make a meal for some other critter.

  5. The dogs are looking all ready for halloween!


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