Oregon Birding Facebook page!

No, it's not necessary.

Yes, it's totally silly.

But do you want to "like" it?  Yes you do!


I realize that I waste a lot of time on Facebook and I would much rather be reading info about local birds than looking at pictures of people's lunches.  I like the Audubon Society of Portland's site but I thought it would be nice to have a more birder-centric site to look at and interact on.  Plus I'm jealous of all the drama Steve shares from the California sites.

Now, from the non-virtual bird front, a couple of yard gulls:

Tips on ID-ing gulls from this angle please!


  1. I "liked" and think its a good idea. If there are more places for me to get Snowy Owl reports, I'm all for it! Maybe this weekend....

  2. The first bird is a Mew Gull; tiny bill and large white mirrors on the outer two primaries. The second bird is big and chunky, and the primaries are the same color as the rest of the bird, so I am going with Glaucous-winged.

    1. Thanks, John, I had been thinking Mew for the first but lack confidence when I can't see the leg color too.

  3. Cool shots of your yard gulls, Jen!

  4. Since I rarely see gulls besides the parking lot gulls, and a few lake gulls I only get serious about it when I travel near the shore where it really Counts!
    I'll like your facebook, I normally visit mine on Fridays to celebrate TGIF~


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