The homefront.

I'm dog-sitting this week for Kevin Spacey.  No not that Kevin Spacey, this one:

He's a handful.  Yesterday he managed to fine a dead Pine Siskin somewhere and ran around with it for awhile before I could catch him...

This morning I was outside with the dogs working on the war against blackberries when I noticed a couple birds fly by into my neighbor's apple tree.  My first (yard) Evening Grosbeaks!!

So psyched!  Too bad the sexy male was hiding in the dense leaves.  They took off when Kevin started barking like crazy (at nothing).  At least Jake likes having him around most of the time, while Ralph just hides...

Hopefully I will have more to share soon... Good times!!


  1. Love the Evening Grosbeak...AND Kevin Spacey is pretty COOL he looks wired for sure, I think Ralph has the right
    I really like this header its very artzy!!

  2. Poor Ralph, nice Grosbeaks, and he actually looks a bit like Kevin Spacey!

    1. Haha, the humane society named him, my friend tried to change it to just Kevin but I refuse to acknowledge that.

  3. I love Kevin. He is so cute. I bet he was just really excited for you to get Evening Grosbeaks. I am.

    1. He is excited about just about everything, so yeah probably.

  4. Cool, having evening Grosbeaks for yardbirds. I was thrilled to have them for a day and half. Love the cute dogs, Kevin looks like he is wired. Great shots and congrats on your new yardbird!


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