Whitaker Ponds

Yesterday morning I was drinking some coffee, pleased to see the sun shining, working on building the motivation to do some yard work, when I came across photos of a Brant on a local blog from Whitaker Ponds.  Brant is a fairly rare bird this far inland and I pretty much immediately headed out to the ponds to see for myself.

I scanned the geese quickly but couldn't find the goose I was looking for.   A kingfisher posed rather nicely for me though:

I made my way around the main pond, peepin on some other birds along the trail...

Brown Creeper

 Ruby-crowned Kinglet

 Golden-crowned Kinglet

I was psyched to see the Black Phoebe is still hanging around...

A Red-tailed Hawk was perched along the slough sporting bright orange patagial tags.  I believe that means he's an airport bird.

I completed the loop around the pond and still could not locate that damn goose.  I decided to walk out onto the dock and check one more time- there he was snoozing in the shadows behind some Canada Geese...

He never woke up while I was there.  I posted his presence to OBOL and some other folks when to see him and commented that he was very small, even smaller than the nearby Mallards.  And rather than hanging with Cackling Geese as these random inland Brants tend to do, he was associating with Canada Geese and ducks.  An interesting bird.  Good times!