Ridgefield NWR

I went up to Ridgefield yesterday morning to celebrate yet another dry and sunny day.  I was surprised and psyched to find a bunch of snow was still around, though not quite the winter wonderland that Michele encountered.  One of the most exciting sightings of the day:

$3.17!  Crazy!  At the refuge, many of the fields were still coated with snow...

Great Blue Herons were doing their best to stay unfrozen by basking in the sunshine...

From the short walk to the bird blind...

Song Sparrow

 Bewick's Wren

Red-breasted Sapsucker

On Canvasback Lake, Frosty the Killdeer:

Harriers were out hunting, though not sure how much luck they were having with the frozen ground...

And lastly, my favorite wildlife viewing event of yesterday morning:  the coot freestyle ice skating competition.

Yeah, they didn't know any tricks.  I think it was a tie.  Good times!


  1. The sapsuckers were a nice find! And I love the Coots On Ice.

  2. My first thought when this page loaded was...WOAH $3.17!

    Dig these snowbirds, especially that Bewicks Creeper.

  3. Great outing, Jen! 3.17 is a good price nowadays! Love all the birds, especially the cute wren and the skating coots. Happy Birding!

  4. I paid $3.09 on Monday...and my sis about 150 miles north of me is paying $2.99 Hopefully it will migrate WEST and soon you will see the cheaper fuel bird.
    I love the ICE-CACOOTS..haha

  5. Pretty winter scenes. Coot feet crack me up.


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