503 till i die

This afternoon after work I took the dogs for a nice long walk up to the Columbia River.  We passed under the Glen Jackson Bridge (aka the I-205 bridge) and found this choice graffiti that gave me quite a chuckle.  For those that don't know, 503 is the local area code for most of northwest Oregon.  We moved on to study a dead raccoon just up the path...

Always fun too look at dead stuff... We kept walking and found a ramp down to the water where we sat on rocks and watched some scaup and goldeneyes.  Nothing exciting, but a nice place to sit is a nice place to sit.

I figured it was a good spot to turn around and head back towards home.  As we were walking back towards the bridge something on the ground caught my eye.  A Bald Eagle!  Eating the dead raccoon!  In front of the "503 till i die" graffiti!

503 till I die?  Fine by me!

Unfortunately the eagle and its dinner were standing between me and home.  To the left was the Columbia and to the right was Marine Drive.  After watching for awhile I had to start walking, and the eagle took off with a good chunk o' 'coon.

I thought that was the end of it but the eagle banked south suddenly, heading right towards me.

The eagle flew south over Marine Drive and landed in some trees.  There were only scattered pieces of fur and bone left on the ground.   Oh and ten feet of entrails laid out in a straight line. 

Such an awesome encounter!  I added three birds to my motorless list on this walk too.  Good times!!


  1. Great walk! Very cool to see the eagle right there and then fly over you. Nice catch!

  2. Super sweet! It's all about the 602, but 503 is fine as well.
    That Eagle seems mighty proud of his find. It's almost like he wanted to rub it in that he took it from you. How very Bald Eagle of him. Sick shots though, especially where he's elevating with the blue truck in the background (for my money, that'd be an awesome blog header).

    What a...viscerally moving...experience.

  3. Those photos of the eagle with the raccoon carcass are disgusting. I love it.

  4. I thought you might have interest, King Eider at Merrimack . . .

  5. Jen, what a cool sighting. Awesome eagle shots. Great post!

  6. Five to the mutha-f-ing O'
    O' to the mutha-f-ing three
    It's Big Binz comin' round as the sun goes down
    and she's spotting things way too far to see

    She's scoping out the tags here and there
    Below the bridge where a dead coon lies
    She'll take a Baldy down if she has to
    It's Five O' Three til' she mutha-f-ing dies!

    It's Big Binz at the Two O' Five
    Representing old Five O' Three
    And if you think Big Binz ain't throwing it down
    You betta recognize and listen to me

    Big Binz...

    Big Binz...

    You've heard of Big Binz Jen...

    You know it's Big Binz Jen...

    1. Please invite me to your next open mic performance!!!


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