Dog walks.

Over the last week I have taken the dogs on lots of walks.  Well, a few.  Good ones, though!  Last weekend I celebrated the first day of an extra hour of light by visiting my local Great Horned Owl nest at dusk.  I was overjoyed (yeah, I just wrote that) to find two parents and one fuzzy owlet!  I checked on them again today and found the same...

Owl family, last Sunday

Owl family, today

Last weekend I walked the dogs out to a new spot, possibly called Mason Wetlands.

It looked like great habitat and I counted 28 species including a couple recent arrivals- Violet-green and Tree Swallows.  I went back over to the 162nd Ave Water Quality Facility also.  This one tree was keeping chickadees and sparrows extremely entertained...

Back to yesterday's walk... I had just walked up to the Columbia and found no birds in the water- no scaup, no grebes, no goldeneyes, no loons... Disappointed I said to the dogs "Well, this is effing boring."  Then a sea lion jumped out of the water!

It was hard to keep track of and eventually disappeared completely.  But still awesome- only my second one in Portland!  We stopped at a rocky spot I like to think of as my new beach.  The dogs cooled off in the water while a Bald Eagle screeched behind us- probably the same one that was eating that raccoon a few weeks ago.

A Common Merganser swam by at one point...

That's about it.  I added quite a few birds to my motorless list last weekend, and hopefully I will get my bike fixed up soon to really get going on it.  Good times!


  1. Love the shot of the three owls tucked in the tree cavity; awesome!

  2. Jen, the owls with the cute owlet is awesome. Great sighting and photos. The Chickadee is a cutie and the sea lion is a cool sight to see. I am sure you dogs were happy on all these walks and their swim. Have a great weekend and happy birding!

  3. I love owls. I wish I saw them more often. And a Sea Lion-so cool! great collection of photos Jen!


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