Garden weekend.

I hate to break it to you, but I didn't do that much birding this weekend.  Scratch that, I didn't take that many pictures this weekend.  No, that's not quite right either... I just didn't take many photos of birds.  There we go.  I took some long dog walks which resulted in only two new motorless birds- coot and Wood Duck.  I am now at 70 species for the year and seriously considering a motorless birding spring. 

Anyhoo.  I did a whole lotta gardening this weekend.  Stuff's blooming.   It's cool.

 Camellia (as identified by Michele)

The dogs are pretty helpful in the garden.  Ralph digs holes to snooze in and Jake keeps an eye on the new poodle thing next door.  And sometimes they both lay around oblivious to birds creeping behind them...

Golden-crowned Sparrow lurking while Jake eats a bone

 I found a little feather in the garden...

 In the same area of the garden is a tree.  I don't know what kind.  A small tree.  The tree I have hung my feeders on since I moved in.  I had never crawled around it much until the other day, and check out what I found...

Um... What?  There are wires inside some kind of a hose, coming out of at least four different places on the tree.  Trees can be such unsuspecting badasses. 

That's about it.  Now it's raining and hopefully everything I planted this weekend is gulping it all down gleefully.   Good times!


  1. are back and with a fancy new look! Maybe someone ran wires through the hose as a way to keep them out of the rain. Weird though. When do I get a garden tour?

  2. Happy Spring! I assume you are planting to attract the wildlife. More birds and more birds, right? The tree thingy is weird. Cute shot of Jake and the sparrow!

  3. This tree seems like some sort of missing link many biologists would be glad to study. Very interesting...

  4. HEY sometimes we do need to slow down and do something different! Love your Camellia, mine bloom a bit earlier than yours and they're all done for this I got a few tulips and some daffs blooming and thats fun. THAT must have been a tree support that the tree grew around...really strange looking!!!

  5. Beautiful flower! I often go out and take lots of pictures of birds but none of them turn out good. Very frustrating.


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