Sauvie Island/ Powell Butte

The last couple of days here have been freakin fantastic, forcing me to scrub the ridiculous layer of dust off my sunglasses that only a Portland winter can create.  Yesterday afternoon I drove out to Sauvie Island with the mutts.

We spent most of our time wandering Rentenaar Road.  Snow Geese and Sandhill Cranes are still present in good numbers...

A flock of swans flew overhead that included some Trumpeters trumpeting away.  A new state bird for me!

No guarantee these are said Trumpeters, but I think they are
I checked out the sparrow flock at the famous apple tree and easily found the Harris's Sparrow, but not the Clay-colored or anything else exciting.

Sauvie Island is known for its farms and Jake was more than happy to sample the local grass.

This afternoon the dogs were tired from a morning at work so I headed over to Powell Butte without them.  Another beautiful day...

Apparently I was not privy to the knowledge that beautiful days mean major make-out sessions at the butte.  Seriously.  See this Mourning Dove?

What you can't see and what I didn't notice at first was the half-naked couple just below and to the right of this dove.  This dove was getting quite the show.

Anyway, I was on the lookout for shrikes and bluebirds.  I found the Western Bluebirds rather easily, just south of the Orchard Trail (where of course two more people were making out in the middle of the off-limits Wildlife Area).  The birds were far away so made for only record photos, but still awesome because it was a new county bird for me.  Not that I care.  Oh wait, I do.  Dammit.

Male Anna's Hummingbirds were everywhere, staking out their territories.

That was about it for birds...

Good times!


  1. Back many years ago I was at a local refuge and suddenly a big white animal caught my eye out in the middle of the field. I put my binocs up and found that it was in fact....a giant human butt! Yes, a couple was having some fun in the rushes. Pretty funny that Powell Butte gets similar use. Great photos!

    1. Oh man that's hilarious! I like that you said "giant" too.

    2. In my binocs it was utterly immense.

  2. Who knew Powell Butte was where all the action is. Hmm.

  3. Jen, wow lots of action with the birds and the humans! I love the gorgeous views of the mountain and beautiful skies. You had some lovely days for birding! Have a great weekend and happy birding!

  4. WOW butt naked in the woods...sounds like the rednecks around here...
    OF course I could go for some skinny dipping on a hot day myself..:0)
    Cool list of birds for your trouble...beautiful weather! WE are finally having a couple of nice days...sure makes a difference in the way I feel.

    1. Haha, I really couldn't say I was AGAINST the idea of making out in a field of bluebirds, but it was just rather inconvenient (and awkward!) for me at the time...

  5. Oh ho! Very nice. You had better weather this weekend that we did in Arizona! What's going on with all that Global Weirding!?

    Perhaps you could also keep a state and county list of birds you've seen next to couples making out?

    1. Yes I should do that. I think I have like five on my county list for that.


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