Dog walkin.

This week was just not conducive to birding.  It started on Monday when Jake came trotting over to me in the yard with his head covered in blood.  Always a delight.  Thankfully the source was a tiny ear tear that I was able to bandage up.  Not thankfully, such tears take awhile to heal and I had to keep his ear wrapped tightly to the side of his head for several days. 

Jake is nothing if not tolerant of clothing.  The things I have gotten this dog to wear really boggle the mind, so a head wrap of gauze didn't faze him.  He rarely even batted at it.  Yesterday I finally let him run around without it and it seems to have healed. 

The other reason we didn't bird this week was the weather.  It was January all over again- cold and raining heavily and nonstop.  But yesterday evening the sun came out so we went for a short walk to check for rainbows...

The Osprey nest I have been watching is located on top of those lights but I didn't see any Osprey around.  I was only mildly concerned because there was a big track meet going on and really, what Osprey wants to listen to Gangnam Style blaring from the speakers while teenagers run around in circles below?

This morning I walked the dogs to various ponds along Airport Way and found lots of good stuff...

 Young robin



Western Wood-Pewee

Bunny playing peek-a-boo

Young Bewick's Wren

Bullock's Oriole

I checked my Osprey nest again and still no Osprey.  I swore I saw a head pop up at one point, but I think it was wishful thinking.  Oh well.  This morning's walk added three new motorless birds so I'm up to 110 for the year!  Good times!