Cape Cod Beach Bums.

Last week on Cape Cod I saw my fair share of birds bumming about on the various beaches.  I don't blame them, the beaches are nice.  Some are borderline spectacular.  Check out this one in Provincetown:

Not too shabby.  Here I found my first lifer of my trip, the Least Tern. 

I believe this was only the second time I found a life bird, then promptly watched it have sex.

Interestingly, the male had a fish dangling from his mouth the entire time, and flew off with it afterwards.  The following evening at Kalmus Beach in Hyannis my parents and I went for a sunset walk along the water.  We watched Least Terns attempting to chase off a determined crow, but unfortunately the crow still made off with what appeared to be an egg.  Can't he read??

The crow got away while the terns kept on truckin... into the sunset.

Now for some other beach bums seen in my travels...

Common Eider, Corporation Beach

 Piping Plovers, Forest Beach and Conservation Lands

 Willet, Forest Beach

Fiddler crab

 Sand frog

Lastly, not exactly beach bums, but an adorable Mute Swan family on Mill Pond in Yarmouth...

More to come from my trip soon.  Good times!!


  1. Dang, looks like fun. Sorry I couldn't meet up with you out there.

  2. Wow, beautiful beach and sunset shots. I love the cute Plover and the swan family. Looks like great times, happy birding!

  3. Piping Plovers! I miss them. I like the "I'm about to destroy you" posture in the second pic.

    1. Yeah, I wasn't sure what that guy's plan was... The plover in his path just sat there, and then nothing ever happened.

  4. Oh, fantastic! Those cygnets look SO FUZZY! btw, the "sand frog" is a toad of some sort. Interesting to see one at the beach!

    I'd like to take that crow down....

  5. YOU saw some great birds!! Dang that crow...I rehabbed a crow with a busted wing once he was the nastiest bird I ever had dealings with...he was always mean to me, he never got used to me and I had him 6 months...BOY the day I set him free I was a happy rehabber! CUTE is the word on those cygnets!!That is one impressively wide beach too.

  6. The birds are cool and all, but I really like that frog and crab. Not a very chivalrous tern. He should have left that fish for her!

  7. Bummer about that Crow but nice photos!
    Don't the Least Tern males use the fish to impress and bribe their way into the lady's pants? He was a clever bird in that he managed to keep the fish for himself. What an alpha...

    Friggin' great photos Jen


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