I know a lot of you fellow bloggers and birders use Flickr for photo sharing, as I have been doing for many years now.  I have tried to adapt to the changes they made hoping eventually I would see the light and like them, but no, I hate them hate them hate them.

Anyone else in this boat?  What are you doing about it? 

I just signed up for a free account at but haven't messed around with it too much yet.  It does appear to be rather similar to Flickr, but with options to customize (what a concept!) your homepage and whatnot.  I checked out the uploading options and "Import your Flickr photos" appears to be a new option.  Hehe.  Brilliant.   I might just do that.

Now I feel like I should throw a photo of a bird here but all I got is a dragonfly...

Green Darner?

Alright, let me know what you use for sharing photos and please do not say Facebook!


  1. I usually only use Flickr to upload photos of notable/rare birds into eBird. I use Picasa for everything else; it's always been much easier to navigate and, being a Google product, I like that it keeps the blog and photos kind of together.

  2. Jen, I have heard many similar Flickr users who were upset about the changes. But as a free account user, I was so happy with the changes... 1 tb of space? I think the customization will come with time. it seems they offended many pro account users though...

  3. I have to agree with you the new look on my flickr homepage is awful. I am so sorry they changed the format or whatever.

  4. Yea, you probably saw I won't be using Flickr. I may use it some, but I really don't care for the new format. With Blogger everything goes into a Picassa album and then there is IG. I don't know, do I really need another thing to manage? I think I will just keep blogging and call it good. Facebook sucks. Cool new header and I like the dfly shot!

  5. Nice Common Green Darner. Be sure to investigate if may be right for you.

  6. Well I kinda HATE what they did to Flickr! Ive been using it for a long time and I have over 11,000 photos in there! IT would take the rest of my life to move all those...I checked out the Ipernity and I signed up...but what I like about Flickr is the FTP (File Transfer Protocol) thing that I downloaded yrs ago,,,I can upload 50 photos in like seconds..But dont forget Photobucket! Its been around a long time, ITS also not as easy to use as the OLD Flickr. I dont understand WHY they are being so stubborn and say they WONT change it back. Im like you tho,...I really DONT like it. I wont renew my Pro acct. Its no longer the kind of photo hosting I wanted. I cant change my home page top photo at all,,,,If I have time to go to the Library where they use a newer version of Windows I may be able to change it...but thats only part of the problem I have with it. I think we keep the pressure on them, telling them how much we HATE it they make some changes to make it more user friendly...I think the problem is the people in charge there are all under the legal drinking age.

    Love the Darner!

  7. I'm with Nathan, I don't bother with any of that shit unless its to attach something to an eBird report. The stuff I want people to see goes up on the blog, although I forget some good shots that dont make it on there.

    So are you coming down for a fall pelagic or what?


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