Larch Mountain.

I went up to Larch Mountain a couple of times recently, both times sort of looking for grouse, but mostly just wandering around.  I stopped at Chanticleer Point (aka Portland Women's Forum Overlook, but that name is long and less cool) one morning and watched the fog swirling around.

I decided to hike the trail from the top of Larch Mountain down to where the trail turns towards Multnomah Falls.  It was a gorgeous morning, cool and sunny, with most birds being quite vocal.  Finding them was a bit more difficult though Pacific Wrens were easy to see.

I was psyched to find a Hairy Woodpecker nest hole.  The homeowners came out to chirp and grab some grub, then headed back inside.  Perhaps to feed some young?

The dogs rather enjoyed the hike too.

On another morning I went up to explore one of the many clearcuts.  It was a dreary foggy morning but all the blooming wildflowers brightened up the landscape. 

Willow Flycatchers dominated the clearcut while Pacific-Slopes ruled the forest...

Willow Flycatcher

 Pacific-slope Flycatcher

The only other bird I managed a photo of was a MacGillivray's Warbler that popped out right in front of me then disappeared just as quick. 

Once again, no grouse heard nor seen.  Just another reason to go back, right?  Good times!


  1. I have never made it up there yet. I hope you find that grouse!

  2. A very pretty spot for birding! The wild flowers are pretty and the scenic overlook! The warbler is my favorite, happy birding!

  3. Hi Jen. With your tenacity I'm sure you'll catch up with the Grouse very soon. Young 'Woodies' are usually very noisy when they want feeding. I loved the shots of the wild Foxgloves. Thanks for transporting me to another interesting location. FAB.

  4. sweet that you found the nesting spot...your Boyz are really enjoying that hike!!! Hope you bag your bird the next time...I also really enjoy seeing the wild foxgloves.

  5. Such cool scenery the moving fog in the first photo and the perspective in the last shot! Hope you get your grouse soon!


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