My Osprey.

As you might recall, there is an Osprey nest rather close to my house.  I can see it from my front yard.  When a pair showed up this spring I was thrilled, even more so when I caught them mating.  They would soar over my house regularly, occasionally on snack runs from the river, but often just soaring for soaring's sake.  I dare say I heart them.

But then terrible weather came- pouring rain and super cold for a week straight.  I stopped hearing them, I stopped seeing them.  The nest was empty every time I visited.  I was pretty bummed, my dreams of baby Osprey crushed.  

A couple weeks later I was out in the yard and I thought I heard one.  Soon after I was walking the dogs and I saw one on the nest and my hope was restored.

Yesterday was hot and I finally walked to the store to buy a kiddie pool (too big to fit in the car).  I brought my bins and camera to check on the nest and I am so freakin stoked to report there are TWO lil Osprey kids up there!  It looked like one of the parents was trying to shade them from the sun. 

Look at those teeny tiny heads!  I really hope they survive this heat wave....  Good times!


  1. Jen, very cool! I am so happy the nest was successful. Happy Birding and have a great day!

  2. Baby Osprey are so cute! I saw one on Sauvie Island the other day. I like it when they press themselves down all flat.

  3. SWEET...I hope they make it!

  4. Awesome!!! The Osprey pair in my front yard had one baby a few weeks ago! It's pretty late for them here; all of the other juveniles in the area have left their nests. Hope the 2 babes do well!


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