The best little mudflat in town.

Saturday morning I kicked my butt out of bed to go on another motorless morning adventure.  I was dragging but once I got outside on my bike and saw the skies, well, it all became worthwhile...

I rode by Broughton Beach but didn't see anything too exciting.  At Vanport Wetlands, without a scope, I couldn't ID any shorebirds at all- except a Greater Yellowlegs and that was by call.  Force Lake had frogs and Green Herons, Smith Lake had a goose with a busted wing.  So pretty much all my main stops were failures.

From Smith Lake I took the bike path down to the Columbia Slough path, hoping the slough had dried up enough to make some mud.  Indeed it had.  I stopped at a bridge to look at the mud below and it was offering up a nice little mix of shorebirds.  Ok, so maybe it's not the best mudflat in town, but this one offered the unique opportunity to stand over the birds and at a reasonable distance...

Oh and the birds in the shade looked like they were walking on the moon.  If the moon were watery.

Western Sandpiper, yes?

I spent a lot of time trying to pick out a Semipalmated Sandpiper but no success.  There were a few Spotted Sandpipers mucking about...

A Greater Yellowlegs joined the party for a bit...

Least & Western Sandpipers

And here's the cellphone shot of the view from the bridge I was standing on...

So yeah, a neat little spot to keep an eye on right now...  Hopefully I'll make it back soon.  Good times!


  1. Hi Jen. Lovely views of the waders from a totally different perspective.

  2. Very nice to see them from overhead, I agree it has the look of a moonscape~...
    What Mtn is that in your last photo...its a great SHOT!

  3. Those last two shots are awesome!

  4. Great pictures, I like the frog too!

  5. I wish I could get more excited about shorebirds. What kind of birder am I?! Love the sunrise and scenery shots. It pays to get up early sometimes!


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