Weekend birds.

This weekend I packed in some yard birding, a trip up to Ridgefield NWR, and an owl hunt failure at Oaks Bottom.  Good times had by all.  Well, except Jake, who had his cyst removed on Friday morning along with a dead tooth.  He's been spending the weekend relaxing...

Oblivious to the Eurasian Collared-Dove on the birdbath

Here are the weekend highlights...

Western Tanager, Ridgefield NWR

 Bald Eagle, Ridgefield NWR

 American Kestrel, Ridgefield NWR

This Cooper's Hawk at Oaks Bottom this morning was chasing squirrels in the most awkward and clumsy manner.  I watched him for about ten minutes trying to figure out his gameplan, but not sure he had one.

Ralph could relate- he also spent some time chasing squirrels and failing this weekend. 

Oaks Bottom buddy

Anna's Hummingbirds have been extremely active in the yard lately.  They love a lot of flowers but surprisingly, the tiny twinberry flowers seem to be their favorite.  I put out a hummingbird feeder right next to it on Saturday and almost immediately I had a customer.

Last night I was watering the yard (not realizing it would rain a bunch today) and found a dead crow right next to my front stoop.  It seemed to have some major problems...

Awesome.  Good times.


  1. Major problems indeed...Love the Anna's! Hope Jake makes a speedy recovery!!

  2. Breathtaking shots of the Kestrel!

  3. You are a magnet for dead things it seems. Nice to see some Ridgefield pics. Contemplated going there this weekend, but was worried the mosquitoes might be bad. How were they? I'd like to get to the Kiwa before it closes for the season. We went to Tualatin River NWR instead. Got 50 species (yes, I'm bragging) :)

  4. Jen, I love the eagle, hawk and kestrel. Wonderful sightings. And the hummingbird is gorgeous. Wonderful post! Happy Birding!

  5. Pretty raptor-tastic, and once again I come and am not disappointed to find dead critters on your site.

    The post-surgery lugubriousness...I can relate to Jake there.

    Fun post Jen. Yours always make me pine for Oregon.

  6. GET WELL SOON TO JAKEY BOY, he looks relaxed in his sleepy shot. My sis used to have a Jake and we called him Jakey Boy...Super birdy weekend...really great Kestrel shots, your shot makes him look BIG, Good job on getting the Anna's to belly up to your bar!!


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