Camera status.

Well.  It works.  I can focus sometimes.  Which is way better than never.  So here are some birds from this week's dog walks at Larch Mountain and Clackamette Park.

Larch Mountain was technically closed but there are no gates or anything so we ignored that fact.  Downslope from the main parking area is a little trail to a gravel lot where I've had luck with pipits, overhead raptors, and warblers.  On this day Fox Sparrows stole the show- dozens of them!

I had never seen so many together, pretty cool. 

Thursday morning I hit up Clackamette Park to continue work on my Clackamas county list.  I was able to add Crazy Dragons as I pulled into the parking area...

The park sits at the confluence of the Willamette and the Clackamas Rivers and I had high hopes for some new birds.  Along the Clackamas River I found a couple of Spotted Sandpipers hopping along the rocks...

I got awesome looks at a Brown Creeper as it worked some moss on a rock...

That's all I got for now...  Hopefully I will get out on some adventures this weekend so I'll have something better to share... Good times.


  1. Nice outings, Jen! Cool sighting of the Fox Sparrows and the Brown Creeper. I love the last shot of your dogs, very pretty. Happy Birding

  2. love ur dragons....n ur boys r lookin great...amazing landscape shot...and more great birds too

  3. Wow, I've been on the look out for crazy dragons for quite some time...nice find:) LOVE the shot of the sun shining through the tree...stunning! Great shots of the creeper too!

  4. Nice scenic shots. I keep scanning my yard sparrows for a Fox, but none yet.


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