Recent birds.

Contrary to what you may think, it hasn't been all goshawks all the time lately.  Here are some other birds from the last couple weeks around town...

Red-breasted Nuthatch in the yard

 Cackling Goose party along Lower River Road, Vancouver

Canada vs. Cackling comparison, Vancouver (don't be fooled, the Canada:Cackling ratio was more like 20:5000)

A few good shrooms on an unbirdy hike on Wildcat Mountain:

Back to birds...

Common Merganser, Columbia River

Double-crested Cormorants, Columbia River

 Couple o' camouflaged creepers, Clackamette Park

 Herring Gull (I think *not*), Clackamette Park

And that's about it... Good times.


  1. Um, so it looks like you're in close proximity to an erupting volcano. Run!!!

    1. Eh, it's all volcanoes around here... old news.

  2. Great shot of the Nuthatch! And I love the mushrooms, great finds! Happy birding and have a great weekend!

  3. Nice shrooms! I kept looking at the BRCR pick trying to see what bird was there, then finally read the caption. Such good camo.

  4. Great shots. I love the fungi, some I've never seen.

  5. Chantrelle! You pick it?

    That COME took me a second. Would make a good rorschach. Cool goose pics. That gull looks like an Olympic; Herring has a streakier head (instead of blotchy) and a finer bill.

    1. I have zero mushroom confidence, need to work on that. Thanks for the gull ID- olympic was my initial impression, but then when I got closer I turned it into a herring. Damn.

  6. I just found a mushroom guidebook among the old books at the project got some good shots of them and the Geese n gulls!...uh Volcanoes?


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