Sauvie Island/Ridgefield NWR

On Thursday I was psyched to have a couple extra hours before work and took the dogs out to Sauvie Island for some birding.  I wandered around Oak Island Road for a bit and found a bunch of Sandhill Cranes...

It was just four years ago that an old man at Ridgefield handed me a pair of binoculars so I could see my very first cranes.  It was pretty much all over for me after that. 

It was a hunting day so Rentenaar Road was kind of a bust, as were other spots.  I took the dogs to the beach and got to see a man letting it all hang out in the clothing optional section.  Lucky me.

Yesterday afternoon I went up to Ridgefield for the first time in months.  I forget how close you can get to the herons and the egrets there, like this burping fella:

There were over a dozen egrets hunting in one of the fields, allowing me to watch almost nonstop vole-slaying action.

Yum yum.  And a few other birds from the refuge...

Bewick's Wren

 Northern Harrier

 First swans of the season

Good times!