Sauvie Island/Ridgefield NWR

On Thursday I was psyched to have a couple extra hours before work and took the dogs out to Sauvie Island for some birding.  I wandered around Oak Island Road for a bit and found a bunch of Sandhill Cranes...

It was just four years ago that an old man at Ridgefield handed me a pair of binoculars so I could see my very first cranes.  It was pretty much all over for me after that. 

It was a hunting day so Rentenaar Road was kind of a bust, as were other spots.  I took the dogs to the beach and got to see a man letting it all hang out in the clothing optional section.  Lucky me.

Yesterday afternoon I went up to Ridgefield for the first time in months.  I forget how close you can get to the herons and the egrets there, like this burping fella:

There were over a dozen egrets hunting in one of the fields, allowing me to watch almost nonstop vole-slaying action.

Yum yum.  And a few other birds from the refuge...

Bewick's Wren

 Northern Harrier

 First swans of the season

Good times!


  1. Nice wader crushes. You know you're a true birder once you've seen a free hanging dong whilst looking for birds.

    1. FHDO is an annual migrant in these parts. Better view desired in this case.

  2. Great variety of birds, Jen! Love the cranes and the egret with it's meal. The Harrier is cool too. BTW, your header is awesome.

  3. Good day out...nakey man? not what you expected I'm sure... SANDHILL cranes omg IM so jealous...I had hopes of seeing some in CO but never made it this yr!!

  4. Sweet stuff. It looks so cool up's still grossly in the mid 80s down here, with no Cranes or Swans yet arrived.

    NIce shots

  5. Naked in Portland in November? It's 50 degrees outside! Was he carrying a binocular as well? While you were looking for sparrows and such, I have no doubt he was combing for Boobies and Woodcocks.

    Stay away from the nude beaches when you're birding alone, girl! The birds don't want to be around that!


    1. For the record, he was not completely naked. He had an unbuttoned button down shirt blowing softly in the breeze...

  6. Hah! Did he have a friend walking next to him with a portable fan to make it blow like that?


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