Ankeny NWR, again.

For the second time during my five day weekend I went down to Ankeny NWR near Salem.  This time I was motivated by a Yellow-throated Warbler sighting, a potential life bird for me.  I arrived at the parking area approximately two minutes after over 20 people got outstanding views of the bird.  At least it was gorgeous out...

I gave up on the warbler after awhile and walked down to see if I could find the Lewis's Woodpeckers.  And failed again.  But there were cows.

This area is great for Acorn Woodpeckers as well as Western Bluebirds.

After wandering the area for awhile, warbler-free, I took a break to drive south and look for a Burrowing Owl field of sheep.  Success!

I made my way back up to Ankeny...

In the parking lot I was greeted by a woman who had just seen the warbler at a residence up the street.  She walked me over and within a few minutes I heard the bird calling.  It landed briefly on the suet feeder in the yard and I saw it for a second in my bins.  And then it disappeared.

No photos.  No evidence.  I waited for it to come back in the freezing cold while a yellow lab begged for my attention.  I gave up.  The sun was setting as I got back to the car...

I made one more stop at Eagle Marsh, where a Canvasback was blatantly checking out the booty of a Tundra Swan.

So maybe not the most productive day bird-wise, but it was beautiful out and I managed the worst views of a life bird ever. 

Good times!


  1. Okay, this is the second time I try to post a comment and it disappears!

    Well, shoot! Too bad you only saw it briefly. Every time I go looking for a specific bird I never find it. I've decided I will just start finding my own rare birds, ha ha! :)

  2. So funny that we did the same thing yesterday. We must have just missed you a bunch of times. I have the exact same photo of the Canvasback and swan butt.

    1. Oh bummer! I thought we might run into you guys there.

  3. Wonderful series of images, Jen! I love the cute sheep and the sunset is gorgeous. I hope you get to see your warbler lifer soon! Happy Birding!

  4. HEY it counts will get your photo at a later date...You did get some great shots of other lovely critters!

  5. You ARE a gifted story teller. Hee. Delightful. That 1st shot is FABULOUS, wow. And that last one--oofta! Getting out is the win. =) xo

  6. Yellow-throated Warblers are just like...whatever. But cattle and sheep in green pastures backed by epic skyscapes is where it's at!

    I'm serious, you know.


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