Cold, cold birds.

The Pacific Northwest is in the middle of a rather uncommon cold snap.  We haven't warmed above freezing in a few days (since Thursday maybe?) which is pretty wild here.  Of course my New England blood kind of loves it, and since it hasn't been raining I have been able to get out quite a bit.  Here is some evidence of such...

Pacific Wren, Marine Park, Vancouver

Buddies: Common Goldeneye & Horned Grebe, Marine Park

Barrow's Goldeneye, Marine Park

Crap photo of a river otter, Marine Park

Frozen Force Lake

Pileated Woodpecker, Force Lake

 Goose wanderings, Smith Lake

Smith Lake

Train-hoppin Junco, Smith & Bybee

Greater White-fronted & Canada Geese, Smith Lake

Double-crested Cormorants, Kelley Point Park

Fun fact:  the sand at Kelley Point Park was frozen and smashing it was rather enjoyable.

                      15 degree dog walk along the Columbia River

From yesterday's freezing waterfall tour in the gorge...

                      Too many people, too little nature

                         Frozen Fox Sparrow

Good times!!


  1. Great collection of birds. I love the Pileated Woodie. Your cute doggie looks cold. The frozen waterfalls is beautiful, my hubby would love to see it like that. Great shots!

  2. I'm impressed with your adventures. Too cold for this wimpy Oregonian!

  3. Beautiful stuff Jen, even the frozen Fox Sparrow had its own appealing aesthetic, much less the icicles and industrial bay cormorants.
    It's been in the nippy 40 degree range in Phoenix in the mornings. WOooOoOoo!

  4. Cool shit! Literally. We are freezing our asses of in the bay area too. Awesome icicles.

  5. I have no sympathy for you. And I imagine you've got quite a good dead sparrow collection going by now.

  6. WOW JEN that frozen water fall is cool..literally!!! Good birds in that weather Jake(?) looks cozy in his plaid coat love that!!


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