Over the mountain.

On Saturday I went over the mountain to the sunshine for some birding and general scenery snorting.  That stuff is top notch, let me assure you.

The first bird encountered was a hunting Rough-legged Hawk...

Looking down into the White River Canyon I found a nice spread of garbage and assorted deer bones.  Most were clean but this one part of a leg was intact...

An abandoned house along the gravel road... always a good time...

Sick view

And some birds along the roads... 

Townsend's Solitaire

 Northern Shrike

 Northern Flicker

Along the Deschutes River...

You can't see me, I'm behind a tree

Nom nom nom 

 Crap Golden Eagle shot

 Red-tailed Hawk

 Fancy clouds

And some other random stuff...

For better photos from the day, go here.  But know you're dealing with a cow-flusher.

Good times!!


  1. It's funny how birding with someone else means you basically end up taking photos of all the same stuff. I thought these shots looked familiar :) Nice scenery over there! That TOSO is a nice find and great photo. I didn't know you decorated for Christmas too?!

  2. Love the all the hawks and the Golden Eagle shot! Looks like a great outing and neat scenery!

    Merry Christmas to you and yours! And a very Happy and healthy New Years!

  3. Awesome scenery shots, Jen! The deer leg would be a great fetch toy for dogs...Hope Santa's deer fare better:)


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