The couv.

Tuesday morning I went up to Vancouver to walk the dogs and check for the Ross's Goose yet again.  I drove up Old Lower River Road where after one false alarm, I finally located the goose at a reasonable distance.  Yay!

Greater White-fronted and Cackling Geese began falling from the sky...

Sandhill Cranes too.

Seemed like a good time to get outta there with all those birds falling... So we headed over to the bike path to Frenchman's Bar.  Nothing too exciting, but here's some stuff anyway...

 Yet another photo that Blogger has decided to mess with...

Song Sparrow

A Horned Grebe at Frenchman's Bar Park seemed completely incapable of eating a fish it had caught.  I watched it swim around with the fish for a long time, and still hadn't swallowed it when I left.

And the walk back...

Golden-crowned Sparrow

 After the dog walk I drove back to the goose spot to see if the Ross's was still around.  I couldn't say for sure because hundreds of Snow Geese had shown up...

Good times!!


  1. Nice. I'm glad you said something about blogger & photos. Just today looking at my photos (on my computer) I was struck by how VIBRANT the recent photos were. SO not on blogger--it really faded them out. =(

    I love the way the BIG birds land--lookout! And sandhill cranes are ALWAYS the coolest. =)

    1. Definitely see if your photo auto enhancement box is checked! I am hoping that was the problem.

  2. Great series of bird photos! The cranes and geese flight shots are wonderful! Have a happy weekend!

  3. Uh, Yeah, excellent sneaky hidden link there......those Couvers are pretty horny.

  4. I was going to advise you to get back to Plum Island as quickly as possible to observe Snowy Owls, having forgotten that you've already done that, Jen. ; )

    The closest I've seen such a massive flock of birds as yours in this article were perhaps tens of thousands of Tree Swallows at DDNWR that appeared to be smoke in the distance.

    Regarding image quality, make sure the "Auto enhance new photos" box is unchecked. Enhanced photos already uploaded can be reverted to their quality that you intended.

    1. Thanks for the tip, Bob, you just saved me (and others I'm sure) some major headaches!!

    2. FYI . . .

  5. Very cool shots of that rush of geese...Love that!! And the flicker shot to me is really sweet I love the profile of him...

  6. Those cranes look like Kangaroos. The "couv" sounds dirty. PDS!


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