The TGC: coming soon to a birding blog near you!

What is the TGC?
The TGC is the Taken for Granted Challenge, a one day challenge between Jen from i used to hate birds and Nate from Texas blog,  This Machine Watches Birds, the goal of which is to find and photograph birds specific to our respective home counties as selected by each other.

The reasoning behind the TGC is that we have both become accustomed and nonchalant about certain birds that are specific to our home counties, birds which would make our counterpart drool, scream, and chase.  We realize that we have taken some amazing birds for granted, and we have both decided that we need to remedy this.

What are the rules?
Ah, the rules.  On the morning of the TGC, we will text each other a list of: 5 target birds, 3 provisional birds (in the event that some of our target birds are impossible), and 1 bonus bird that is possible, but would be a new county bird.  We have one day to find and photograph the selected birds in our home county, and we will have no prior knowledge of what birds we will be looking for.

What does the winner get?
Besides the glory of victory?  The loser will send the winner a six pack of a regional microbrew.

When is this going down?
Weather permitting, Saturday, December 21.

So, stay tuned folks, and enjoy the opportunity to witness the animosity brought about by mutual jealousy and rage at the respective winter birds of the Pacific northwest and central Texas.

- Jen and Nate