Cape Cod Beaches (Part 1)

Last week I spent five days on Cape Cod visiting my parents and enjoying the ridiculously good weather.  We visited some beaches while I was there so I could peep some east coast birds.

Hmm.  That one doesn't look so good.  Here are some better ones...

Great Cormorant, Scusset Beach

Northern Mockingbird, Scusset Beach

 Cooper's Hawk, Scusset Beach

Scusset Beach jetty

American Black Ducks, Ocean Avenue Beach

 Herring Gull, Dowses Beach

Bonaparte's & Herring Gulls, Dowses Beach

 Common Eiders, Dowses Beach

 White-winged Scoter, Dowses Beach

 Great Black-backed Gull

Dead grebe

 Dowses Beach

I think that's enough of that for today... Stay tuned for the next beach post featuring everyone's favorite white owl and my first lifer of 2014.  Good times!!!


  1. Good times birding on the beach..the white winged scoter is one of my favorites. Great variety, love the hawk in flight. Happy Birding!

  2. Nice. What is it with you and dead things?

  3. Super handsome birds, especially seeing some of those Scoters and the Eiders in good plumage. When we get lucky to chase them or the Bonaparte's Gulls around AZ, they're usually in their crappy dull plumage, and also near death.

  4. Oh amazing shots did you get a new camera or something? I dont get to see eiders or scoters so those are favs for me...


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