Snow Geese.

I was pretty excited about last week's reports of blue morph Snow Geese in Vancouver and made a couple of attempts to track them down.

No luck on my first try.  Only a few hundred Snow Geese were present, and the blue guys seem to prefer rolling with the larger flock.  On my second visit I spotted a blue goose right away, but thousands of geese came in for a landing and I lost track of it.  Seriously, thousands.  Watch the video here.

After a few minutes I managed to pick out two different blue Snow Geese.  So awesome- my first time seeing this color morph!

Good times!!


  1. It is cool seeing the large flocks of Snow Geese. Great shots, Jen! Happy birding!

  2. That blue goose is so pretty. Not sure if I've seen one before.

  3. The Blue Goose!! How cool is that...Never even heard of it!

  4. This is awesome. I've yet to see one on the ground


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