Frenchman's Bar.

Yesterday I took the dogs to Frenchman's Bar Park in Vancouver for some mutt-tiring and easy birding.  It's a very similar park to Kelley Point, but with far fewer people and dogs (and far fewer dudes looking for lovin in the parking lot).

Scaup on the move

My first task was to run the dogs around on the beach to drain their energy.  A log floating downstream caught Ralph's eye and he stood up like a proper bear cub to make sure it wasn't an animal.

Once they seemed tired we began to walk around the woods, looking for birds.  Varied Thrushes scattered too fast, but this Pacific Wren popped up to peek at us.

This park is great for sparrows and I can almost always find a White-throated lurking...

Though the most abundant sparrow in winter is the Golden-crowned...

In the field next to the playground dozens of robins were poking around, looking for worms.

I tried to coax Jake into this tree hole for a photo, but he did not trust it.  Understandable.

It was a peaceful trip to the park, complete with snow flurries and zero gunshots.  Winning.  Good times!!