More snow...

Snowpocalypse is over, but will live on forever in our hearts.  There was sledding and hot chocolate, frosty birds and frosty coyotes, sad dogs and happy dogs, snowballs and snowmen, and of course my completely accidental and unfortunate...snow penis.

Snow weiner and Bender yesterday

Now let's back up to before the snow melted...  Anna's Hummingbirds don't care about me at all until the temperature drops- then we become best friends.  The lady on the left vigorously defended the feeder for days, letting the right-hand bird land only for a second.

Lesser Goldfinch

And from adventures beyond the yard...

Green-winged Teal, 162nd Ave Water Quality Facility

 Pacific Wren

 Coyotes walking on the back pond at Whitaker Ponds

Smith and Bybee

 Smith Lake

Kelley Point

Goldeneye and gulls

White-breasted Nuthatch

And some obligatory dogs in the snow shots...

My friend and I went sledding at the local high school and brought home some icy things, like this egg made from ice on top of a fence post.  Perfect for a shot of beer.

Now the rain is back and I probably won't be sledding again for a long time...  

Lastly, if you enjoy a good photo quiz, I highly recommend this one created by local birders Art and Tait.  Try to beat my 4 out of 9!  Note that all but one of the birds are found in the Portland area.  Good times!!


  1. Nice dick! Also digging the Pacific Wren and the Anna's. Good stuff.

  2. I'm sure Kevin supplied hours of entertainment in the snow! Glad you weren't housebound during the storm!

  3. Don't worry about the snow penis. I saw hundreds of them in my neighborhood. It was ridickulous!

    I'm glad you were able to get out in the Portland snow where coyotes look like wolves, squirrels look like marmots, and scrub jays look like hawk owls!

  4. Wouldn't snow cause shrinkage, LOL! Cool shot of the snow coyotes..And your dogs look like they are enjoying the snow. Love the scenic shots of the lake?

  5. Fun fun

    That Pacific Wren shot is very cool, pun unavoidable.

  6. Looks like you got out a little more than we did in the snow. All the hills in our neighborhood meant lots of sledding and very little driving. The dogs look like they're having a blast.

  7. LOL, well that way you know its a snow MAN not a snow Woman~
    We're digging out after 3 days of snow/ice/ and all other types of frozen liquid! I couldnt even get my car outta the driveway so Kudos to you for going around and seeing stuff! Love the birds, coyotes, and the doggie play, and the beer shot very cool indeed. I'm ready for the big melt down. I wanted to strap my skis on but then remembered I purposely gave my ski boots to the goodwill just so I WOULDNT be tempted and re-break some bonez.


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