Post-snowpocalyptic Life.

This week I've been doing something new- trying to learn how to take pictures.  I've been a lazy bum about the whole thing for so many years that I finally decided it's time to really understand things.   Thankfully I have friends who actually know what they're doing and are quite helpful.  All photos from this post were taken NOT on auto for once...

This Pileated Woodpecker at Rooster Rock was a most obliging subject, pecking away for twenty minutes while I sat in the car trying to figure out how the hell to use a camera.  It was raining and foggy but I was pretty happy with a good handful of photos. 

Also at the park, a ground squirrel sent my carload of dogs into an excited frenzy...

Robins made for easy target practice too.

Yesterday I went up to Ridgefield for more practice.   I will start with one of the worst photos I wish to share, only because it makes me happy:

Heh.  Things at the refuge were tame overall.  Eagles were the stars but I will start with the waterfowl...

Pintails are rad, though I would never want one as a pet.  Unlike some people.  Now for the eagles.  They were all over, doing cool stuff.

Bad shot of awesome behavior

Obviously I need to work on zooming out a little faster...  And now for an even worse shot of eagles doing something even more awesome, taken through the back window of the car at a good distance...

Valentine's day sexy time!  Bring on the eaglets!!!  Good times!!!


  1. Love that second shot of the Pileated for many reasons, including that it really captures the feel of fog in the woods, and it gives beautiful context. Was the raccoon at Ridgefield dead?

    1. Thanks so much, Scott! The raccoon was not dead, just jumping up to the next branch and kind of dangling for a second. Don't know if you've been up there lately but there's been a family of four hanging around near where the old GHOW nest was. Pretty entertaining.

  2. Cool shots of the Pileated! The Pintail is a beautiful duck! The Eagle shots are awesome! Happy Birding, Jen!

  3. I think you're a natural at this photography thing. I love the woodpecker shots!

  4. Very cool, great colors in your photos as always, and for sex and death in the animal kingdom, there's no better place than IUTHB.

    Keep on rockin'

  5. Oh yes, now you are cooking! I love those Pileated shots, the eye in awesome focus, perfect and the
    'dangle-coon" is really cute.

  6. Some nice shots, Jen! The Pileated shots really stand out. Since you've begun an emphasis on bettering your photography skills, I'd like to invite you to peruse my articles on beginning to intermediate bird photography. A year or so ago I wrote a series of articles on the subject from the standpoint of a beginner (me!) up to 5 or 6 years later. The idea was that I wanted to let people who thought they might want to get into the hobby, know what they could be in for--basically sharing my experiences and what I learned over those years. I have added updates to the articles as I have time. I believe there are about 26 articles, some longer than others, that could be instructive (hopefully) but entertaining if nothing else. If you're interested, here's the link to the first article: I enjoy reading all your posts! (I did not intend to use your blog to advertise anything on my site but I was unable to find an email address for you. Sorry!)

    1. Thanks Dennis, I'll be sure to check them out. Definitely not advertising since I already link your site on my blog!

  7. The Pileated photos are really nice! I too could stand to learn more about how to use my camera, but find the tech talk hard to tolerate. I think at this point I am beyond learning more and just like to go out and play around and take some pics. Good for you for pursuing it!

  8. If you've been "just playing" and are just now getting serious, there is no hope for me (sigh). Great pix - love the racoon dangling. My favs are the juv Baldie though.


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