Yesterday morning I walked the dogs up to one of my local patches to see what was going on.  Bushtits, Bewick's Wrens, Canada Geese, Wood Ducks, and American Kestrels were all paired up, while a flicker drummed on a light post and Anna's Hummingbirds practiced display dives. 

Kestrel poop!

One of the hummingbirds seemed particularly interested in me and the dogs and followed us for awhile...

Yesterday afternoon my friend and I went up to Larch Mountain to finally retrieve my wildlife camera.  We found it after searching for an hour in the wrong spot, then about five minutes in the right spot.  The photos didn't show up when I put the SD card in my camera but when I got home I found I had actually caught some stuff.  First off, a person with their dog:

The time stamp is all wrong unfortunately- it reset to Jan 1, 2013 00:00 when I set it up.   So, about 00:00 really is about 13:00, and therefore this was like 7:30 a.m.  The only other animal I caught was actually a wild one- a coyote running by...

I have some better ideas now of where to set it up, and hopefully will be able to catch something better next time.  Still cool and no one stole it! 

On our way down Larch Mountain we stopped to explore a clearcut.  My friend was scanning the area with binoculars and said something about a big hole in a stump.  It turned out to be an old chimney/fireplace all by itself in the clearcut. 

How cool is that?

While in the gorge, we visited the Bonneville fish hatchery, where there were viewing stations for rainbow trout and sturgeon.

And of course there was an abandoned house and gas station to check out on the way home...

Good times!!


  1. Love the first kestrel shot! And the Hummer is gorgeous.. Cool shots of the fish! Happy Birding..

  2. I was hoping for a Sasquatch picture, but the coyote is pretty nice. Maybe next time!

  3. I'll be darned I just posted a blog with a fish hatchery visit too!! Amazing. Love that Kestrel and Moon shot...very nice, and the goose shot is awesome, what is that goose doing up there? Nice old cabin used to be attached to that old chimney I bet!!

  4. Very interesting to see the wildlife cam shots. I hope you have it set up again so we can see more. Nice that you got a coyote! I hope you get some baby kestrels!


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