Peregrine dinner.

I went on quite an adventure this weekend.  There were ghost towns, abandoned houses, loads of dead stuff, and even loads of live stuff.  Before we get to all that, I want to show you a Peregrine Falcon dining on a blackbird on Juniper Flat Road near Maupin.

First there was the plucking of feathers...

And then dinner was served...

Down to the leg...

Good to the last bite.  He cleaned off his talons...

And then finally seemed to notice us watching...

Right then a car pulled up and the lady (probably my age) asked if we were okay.  I said yes, we were just watching this bird.  She said she lived on the adjacent property, and she seemed very concerned that we were up to mischief or perhaps she thought we were about to bust her meth/dog-fighting/human-trafficking operation.  I am definitely more curious now.

As she pulled away, still suspicious, the falcon flew off with a nice bulging crop...

Good times!


  1. Cool series on the Falcon with its dinner! Happy Birding!

  2. Keep us posted on what else you discover at the suspicious lady's house.

    In the mean time this post, much like a tidy Blackbird meal, will tide us over.
    Super shots 'ol Big Bins, and glad to see some brutality again.

  3. Boy he was so busy he didn't even notice you!! Skyler White maybe?


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