The Top 5 Reasons You Should Join My Birdathon Team

I am not a saleswoman.  I could never (and would never) convince you to buy any kind of product, whether it's a donut or a new car.  But what I am selling today is something you actually want:  birds!  No, not like some sort of exotic pet black market bullcrap.  I'm talking bird conservation, wildlife care, habitat conservation.  Stuff YOU like.  

You like baby owls, right?  I better use a photo of one to get your attention.

How am I selling this?  By convincing you to join my Birdathon team, The Bloggerhead Shrikes, to raise money for the Audubon Society of Portland

And nothing sells something like a Top 5 list, right?  So here we go.  The Top 5 reasons you should join my team:

1.  My team rules because you are spared the awkward socialization with other bird nerds.  That's right, you get to bird on your own, but still be on a team!  It's perfect!  Surely it's not just me that sees it that way, right???

Birding alone means no fighting over who gets to keep the weird finds (and no judgement on keeping weird finds...)

2.  If you join my team you can bird wherever the heck you want.  You can bird your local patch.  You can bird in your backyard with a cooler of cold beers by your side.  You can bird in freakin Florida.  It's ALL GOOD.

Yard birding: beer in one hand, camera in the other

3.  My team birds WHENEVER they want!  That's right.  Anytime between April 25th and June 8th, 2014 is LEGIT.  Do I really need to explain how awesome that is any further?  I think you get it.

Creepers creep WHENEVER they want

4.  Joining my team will help raise money and awareness for the Audubon Society.  Don't you want them to keep fighting the good fights?  Yes.  Yes you do.

One of Audubon's recent good fights- to protect forage fish so birds like these scoters have plenty to eat

5.  You should join my team because you like me and my blog!  And if nobody joins my team I will be so sad that I will quit birding and blogging forever.  But thank you to the brave souls Ivan, Sondra, and Sarah & Max, who have already joined!

I am friends with donkeys.  You should like that fact.  It should make you want to join my team.

So are you sold yet?  Yeah?  Sweet!  Sign up here!!  It doesn't cost anything to sign up, but you can always get your sugar daddy or your rich boss to pledge you!   Also, if you are still not sold on the actual joining of my team (I get it, I'm not much of a joiner either), then donate through my Birdathon page!  Audubon still gets some money and the birds are still better off because of YOU.

Yay, go team! 


  1. Hi Jen-I'm overseeing my cousin Larry's blog until he gets back. I wish I was a birder myself because it looks like a great cause! I like the baby owl and scoter photos! Good luck and I'll tell Larry about this when he returns.-Bob.

  2. Baby sitting a blog that is amazing!...anyways as you said I signed up and I cant wait to get out there and see what I shake up in your honor...I hope I signed up correctly! Wow on the ...deer skull? And the baby owl of course is just way off the cute scale.

    1. It looks like you did it right and I'm so happy to have you on board! Deer skull might be right- I really couldn't tell for sure.

  3. This is convincing. I might just do it. My favorite reason is reason #1.

  4. I plan to visit all your favorite venues someday. Wishing that sooner than later., Jen.


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